A waxed foot!!!

151026-03    We missed last weeks post so let me get you up to date! Parker had a bump on the bottom of his foot that he thought had something to do with the bone. He was getting ready to set up a Dr. Appt to go have it x-rayed, but, as kids sometimes do, he decided not to take care of it right away. Miraculously the bump went away on it’s own. I must add, this caused his poor mother some serious worry over the last week! It was good to hear it was a minor problem and all is right with the world now!

So I don’t have my journal again… I have failed!!! But I do have my planner with me so I will try my best to use what I can get from each day in here! It has been kind of a crazy week that I haven’t really been able to say anything about!

So I was having trouble with my foot. But we realized that it was just a callice that was causing problems. We iced it for a while with a bag of vegetables XD (Which i waxed my foot trying to get off XD) But yeah all is well with my foot! This week was kind of an off week for us. Since we are in Zagreb we are just kind of naturally office elders whenever we are needed. So throughout this entire week we were in the office a lot getting stuff done for president Grant. He needed this membership thing that took forever to work on. So we were in the office a majority of the week….But I got to practice piano and study quite a bit!
So on Sunday since Sister Richardson was not there, I was forced to play piano for sacrament… I am not a good piano player. We pushed our way through the songs and wrong notes XD But it turned out decent in the end! Not good for sure XD That wasn’t the end of my sunday torture though! In the middle of the meeting, President Babic stood up and said that all the new missionaries in Zagreb were now going to go up and bear their testimonies in Croatian….So I had to give my testimony in Croatian from the pulpit….fun fun time….. but all was well!
We are teaching Andrej now! His baptism is this saturday so we are now teaching him every day this week. It has been cool to teach someone who is so into this. But he is very accepting and next week I will report on the Baptism! We also committed two more people to baptism. The Amelio family if you all remember them XD but yeah! It is great! Baptizing the nations!
We had another 70 come out this week. His name is Elder Hamula. He talked with the ward about knowing what God you really believe in. Then the next morning he came and just talked with the missionaries about how the work is progressing out here in Zagreb. It was really great! 
That is mainly it from our week 😀
I hope to hear from you all soon!
Love you all so much!! Volim Vas!!!!
Elder Bowles

missionary living!
missionary living!



Finally in the field! Let the Adventure begin!

Elder Bowles
President and Sister Grant with Parker on his first day in Zagreb

He’s finally arrived, and a little jet lagged, well okay very jet lagged! After many many hours of travel time, and 2 days of no sleep Parker has finally made it to his destination. He  will be serving in the Zagreb Croatia! President and Sister Grant were at the airport with open arms to welcome the new missionaries. Although it’s overwhelming, Parker is loving it!

He’s survived his first week in Zagreb!

So, This week has probably been the most insane and crazy week of my entire life. I feel like I was beaten, shot, maybe stabbed a couple times, but somehow I am still somewhat holding on to life! I will describe Zagreb really quickly then I will get more into it shortly!

So It constantly smells like smoke, there are coffee shops and bakeries on every corner, it has been pouring rain nonstop (except today) and I can’t speak or understand a single word anybody says! But I love the city!!!
So at the end of our MTC stay we watched conference in the huge room all together. We got to watch in a big group in uncomfortable chairs, but I guess it worked! After conference on Sunday we had BYU vocal point come and perform a concert for us! But sadly the new group didn’t sound very good together…..kind of disappointing… But all is well!
That night we finally got packed and all ready to go. We ended up staying up until about 1 in the morning because there was so much to do. We slept for about an hour then headed off to the bus! The bus took us to the Frontrunner (which I had actually missed…) and we rode it all the way to the airport. Once there I gave my family a quick call and we flew off to Chicago.
On our way there our flight attendant was Serbian and we actually got to talk with her in the broken croatian that we knew XD
once at chicago, we went and called our families for a longer period of time. Great! I miss them a ton, as well as all of you guys!!! But We got some food at mcdonalds and headed on the giant plane to Germany. Where everything was in german….But it was probably one of the longest nights of my life, I didn’t sleep at all….so two days without any sleep really….
We arrived in Frankfurt and were lost in the airport for a while, then the phones wouldn’t work…and that was frustrating!!! But we ended up getting on a plane where they only spoke Croatian, which was really weird. 
We arrived in Zagreb and the Grants where right there to pick us up. They are super super nice and really love all of the missionaries that are out here in Yugoslavia area. We came to the mission office to meet all of the trainers. Once here we were introduced to all 12 trainers and then they randomly assigned us to go on an adventure! I was paired up with Elder Swink from Banja Luka. We went out to begin contacting people on the street. I couldn’t say a single word to anyone really…So We didn’t exactly have any success….But it was good!
We went back to the Grants house and then the Jet lag really hit… But it was all well, we had a good meat dinner and then got to pass out in our beds. Nice night of sleeping haha.
The next day at breakfast we were paired up with our new companions and were able to find out where we were going to be for our Training transfer. I was paired up with Elder Sheesley in Zagreb Centar area. Just look up Zagreb Centar if you want to see where I am right now XD
We had a morning of training and then we were sent out to our various areas. Except I was already in mine XD
We got back, unpacked a little bit and headed out contacting again. We do that a ton XD
I can’t understand or speak this language to save my life…but that is what I am stuck with XD
Every day we go around contacting. We have met a ton of muslims that like to preach back to us about their religion, which is interesting cuz I have no idea what they are saying! 
Day 2 we went out to lunch with the AP’s and the sisters in the area to get sandwiches. BTW: the food here is amazing and insanely delicious XD Then We had a quick district meeting about our goals, and yeah, that was it. That night we went to a lesson with a members neice and we got in to give her a blessing because she was super sick, but we ended up teaching the Restoration. And then I invited them to be baptized and they said yes!!! So maybe I will have a baptism soon!
The next day I tried a food called Burek and I am absolutely in love with it! It is this weird pastry thing with meat in the middle…oh it is so delicious! I could eat so much of it!
But that night we had a lesson with the Amelio family. We teach them in English because the dad is member from america. But he is inactive and has some bazaar views…..he is determined that God is a woman….so there’s that…. But it was a weird lesson and I honestly can’t tell you what happened….
We went to the police station and finished up my Visa stuff. It took like 4 hours….looong time….plus I am still jet lagged! This is terrible!
We took the tram 45 minutes to the church to have a weird meeting with the mission leader Luka. He talks weirdly…it is strange. but then our lesson canceled on us and we went back and did our weekly planning, so I guess that part is good haha
Sunday we had church and I didn’t understand a single word for all 3 hours. This language is actually trying to kill me I think….It is brutal….But that night we went tracting. I hate it so much….I feel like such a burden and it is awkward! One guy let us in and it was so weird and noone knew what to say….bleh, nevolim….
Today we went around sightseeing for a bit and now here I am!
This church is true even in another language! If Only I could learn that language…..Also, since tea is such a giant thing here, we have been specified what tea’s are ok and what aren’t. And so the missionaries drink tons of certain fruit tea, and it is amazing XD I love it!!! that is all 😀
I love you all! you are amazing and I miss you all so much!
Stay strong everyone!!
Elder Bowles!
Parker and his new companion  Elder Sheeshly
Parker and his new companion Elder Sheeshly

Rooftop view of the one of the cathedrals in Zagreb
Another church in Zagreb

Off I go

DSCN0062 It’s been a long eight weeks in the MTC but Parker is finally heading off to Croatia! He’s learned a lot and changed a lot in those eight weeks! He’s anxious to get out there and “begin this crazy journey!”

So this week has been a pretty exciting week actually. I don’t know how Much to actually write cuz I don’t have my journal with me so I don’t quite remember it all XD But I will do my best!

On friday we received our flight plans!!!!! We are leaving to the Salt Lake Airport at 300 AM on monday morning. We will fly out at about 830 and fly to Chicago. We have a three hour layover in Chicago. Then we fly for 10 hours to Frankfurt, and hour more to Zagreb, then we begin the crazy journey that none of us are ready for 😀 Im so excited!!
We had our last classes with Brat West and Sestra Crump yesterday. I am going to miss them both, they were absolutely amazing teachers and so great to work with! They are both some super amazing people that I hope to be friends with after the mission! Tonight We have our last class with Brat Freeman and Brat Jacobsen. They are both super great too! I was really lucky to have amazing teachers and an amazing district at once!! It was great to be able to learn so much from all of these newly returned missionaries! They are all amazing and i have been lucky to have them all!
On sunday we had our final temple walk (where all those pictures were taken XD) and we got to sing in sacrament meeting! (I made it nine weeks without having to give a talk XD) But we sang Come thou fount in Croatian! It was honestly so cool! We had some people in the audience crying! I thought it was pretty great myself! It was a good experience and I realized I understood more Croatian than I realized that I did!
On monday we had the Funeral for Elder Scott. We all gathered in a huge hall to watch it. It was actually really cool to watch the funeral and how much love there is. They ended with Come thou Fount as well, i guess that is the song of the week XD
Brat West told us a couple stories this week! First, There was a boy in Tuzla Bosnia, that had come to america during the War. He came to utah actually. His name is Valentino. His family was baptized into the church but he was still to young so he wasn’t baptized. His parents then died in a car crash shortly afterwords. And Valentino was sent back to Bosnia and wasn’t really heard from for a while. Well by a strange set of circumstances, Brat west was sent on his mission and assigned to this city. Where He ended up meeting Valentino and baptizing him into the church. He is still in contact with him and we have even met him! But the coolest thing about this, is that this story got passed to his mission president, then onto a member of the 70, then onto Elder Eyring. If you go read his talk “We are One” you can hear the same story without names 😀
Second story, when he was in a city in serbia, he was walking back from email and some kids that hated the missionaries dumped a bucket of pee on them from the 3rd story of a building….so there is that……haha 😀
We are finishing up everything here in the MTC. We are doing all our final plans and such to get out there in the field. Getting all packed and ready. And we are just finishing up everything that we need to here in Utah! I have loved the experience here even if it has been insanely hard. Easily the Hardest thing I have ever attempted in my entire life. But Man, It is so worth every second of it! I am a different person already. If I came home now, I would still be the Parker you guys know and love! But I am different haha. In a good way for sure!
Next time I email you guys it will be from some random city in former Yugoslavia 😀 If any of you want to dear elder me, tomorrow before 3 is the last times you can send them here to the MTC and have me get them. So yeah!
Thank you all for everything! It means a lot and I am so excited to be out there! I pray for you all every night! You mean the world to me! Thank you for all the love and support!
The best of luck to all of you! I hope to hear from all of you more! You are all so important!!
Volim Vas! Sretno s život! Vi ste svijet meni! Ja ću vas vidjeti kasnije! Volim volim!
Starješina Bowles 😀