Off I go

DSCN0062 It’s been a long eight weeks in the MTC but Parker is finally heading off to Croatia! He’s learned a lot and changed a lot in those eight weeks! He’s anxious to get out there and “begin this crazy journey!”

So this week has been a pretty exciting week actually. I don’t know how Much to actually write cuz I don’t have my journal with me so I don’t quite remember it all XD But I will do my best!

On friday we received our flight plans!!!!! We are leaving to the Salt Lake Airport at 300 AM on monday morning. We will fly out at about 830 and fly to Chicago. We have a three hour layover in Chicago. Then we fly for 10 hours to Frankfurt, and hour more to Zagreb, then we begin the crazy journey that none of us are ready for 😀 Im so excited!!
We had our last classes with Brat West and Sestra Crump yesterday. I am going to miss them both, they were absolutely amazing teachers and so great to work with! They are both some super amazing people that I hope to be friends with after the mission! Tonight We have our last class with Brat Freeman and Brat Jacobsen. They are both super great too! I was really lucky to have amazing teachers and an amazing district at once!! It was great to be able to learn so much from all of these newly returned missionaries! They are all amazing and i have been lucky to have them all!
On sunday we had our final temple walk (where all those pictures were taken XD) and we got to sing in sacrament meeting! (I made it nine weeks without having to give a talk XD) But we sang Come thou fount in Croatian! It was honestly so cool! We had some people in the audience crying! I thought it was pretty great myself! It was a good experience and I realized I understood more Croatian than I realized that I did!
On monday we had the Funeral for Elder Scott. We all gathered in a huge hall to watch it. It was actually really cool to watch the funeral and how much love there is. They ended with Come thou Fount as well, i guess that is the song of the week XD
Brat West told us a couple stories this week! First, There was a boy in Tuzla Bosnia, that had come to america during the War. He came to utah actually. His name is Valentino. His family was baptized into the church but he was still to young so he wasn’t baptized. His parents then died in a car crash shortly afterwords. And Valentino was sent back to Bosnia and wasn’t really heard from for a while. Well by a strange set of circumstances, Brat west was sent on his mission and assigned to this city. Where He ended up meeting Valentino and baptizing him into the church. He is still in contact with him and we have even met him! But the coolest thing about this, is that this story got passed to his mission president, then onto a member of the 70, then onto Elder Eyring. If you go read his talk “We are One” you can hear the same story without names 😀
Second story, when he was in a city in serbia, he was walking back from email and some kids that hated the missionaries dumped a bucket of pee on them from the 3rd story of a building….so there is that……haha 😀
We are finishing up everything here in the MTC. We are doing all our final plans and such to get out there in the field. Getting all packed and ready. And we are just finishing up everything that we need to here in Utah! I have loved the experience here even if it has been insanely hard. Easily the Hardest thing I have ever attempted in my entire life. But Man, It is so worth every second of it! I am a different person already. If I came home now, I would still be the Parker you guys know and love! But I am different haha. In a good way for sure!
Next time I email you guys it will be from some random city in former Yugoslavia 😀 If any of you want to dear elder me, tomorrow before 3 is the last times you can send them here to the MTC and have me get them. So yeah!
Thank you all for everything! It means a lot and I am so excited to be out there! I pray for you all every night! You mean the world to me! Thank you for all the love and support!
The best of luck to all of you! I hope to hear from all of you more! You are all so important!!
Volim Vas! Sretno s život! Vi ste svijet meni! Ja ću vas vidjeti kasnije! Volim volim!
Starješina Bowles 😀



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