A waxed foot!!!

151026-03    We missed last weeks post so let me get you up to date! Parker had a bump on the bottom of his foot that he thought had something to do with the bone. He was getting ready to set up a Dr. Appt to go have it x-rayed, but, as kids sometimes do, he decided not to take care of it right away. Miraculously the bump went away on it’s own. I must add, this caused his poor mother some serious worry over the last week! It was good to hear it was a minor problem and all is right with the world now!

So I don’t have my journal again… I have failed!!! But I do have my planner with me so I will try my best to use what I can get from each day in here! It has been kind of a crazy week that I haven’t really been able to say anything about!

So I was having trouble with my foot. But we realized that it was just a callice that was causing problems. We iced it for a while with a bag of vegetables XD (Which i waxed my foot trying to get off XD) But yeah all is well with my foot! This week was kind of an off week for us. Since we are in Zagreb we are just kind of naturally office elders whenever we are needed. So throughout this entire week we were in the office a lot getting stuff done for president Grant. He needed this membership thing that took forever to work on. So we were in the office a majority of the week….But I got to practice piano and study quite a bit!
So on Sunday since Sister Richardson was not there, I was forced to play piano for sacrament… I am not a good piano player. We pushed our way through the songs and wrong notes XD But it turned out decent in the end! Not good for sure XD That wasn’t the end of my sunday torture though! In the middle of the meeting, President Babic stood up and said that all the new missionaries in Zagreb were now going to go up and bear their testimonies in Croatian….So I had to give my testimony in Croatian from the pulpit….fun fun time….. but all was well!
We are teaching Andrej now! His baptism is this saturday so we are now teaching him every day this week. It has been cool to teach someone who is so into this. But he is very accepting and next week I will report on the Baptism! We also committed two more people to baptism. The Amelio family if you all remember them XD but yeah! It is great! Baptizing the nations!
We had another 70 come out this week. His name is Elder Hamula. He talked with the ward about knowing what God you really believe in. Then the next morning he came and just talked with the missionaries about how the work is progressing out here in Zagreb. It was really great! 
That is mainly it from our week 😀
I hope to hear from you all soon!
Love you all so much!! Volim Vas!!!!
Elder Bowles

missionary living!
missionary living!



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