A Halloween Baptism!

So this post is up a week late because I wanted to be able to put some pictures with the story. Parker was having some trouble uploading pictures last week! So.. with this weeks email we got a lot of pictures! So here you go!

It was quite the Eventful week here in Zagreb! After I emailed last week we went contacting for a while but didn’t really have much success…It was the most I have talked since I got here though!

We had regular studies…then we had a lesson with Andrej! We taught the Gospel and it went very well! All was understood and went great! Then we decided to have falafel for lunch and it was like this weird meat thing…but it was super good! We came back and began to have our district meeting when the doorbell of the office rang. We went and answered and it was a Bulgarian that only spoke bulgarian and Spanish….so me and Elder Dyer worked in broken serbian to talk with him for a while. Then we got a member that speaks spanish to help out. But he ended up being here for 4 hours as we tried to figure out what he wanted…He wanted to get a direct train from here to Barcelona!!! which is an insane trip!!! crazy times….
Then we taught english and ended up have a gospel discussion the whole time and explained what we believe! It was really cool and now they all want to know more!
We taught a lesson to Andrej, he had his interview with Elder Dyer and it went great! He was all ready for everything! We then spent a couple hours cleaning the font in the office…It was so nasty and we had to dig out about 4 Cockroaches XD yummy! We went contacting and then came to institute…thats about it!
We had a lesson with Andrej again! So many lessons! but we taught the last few things of Baptism and he was ready! We practiced a bit and all was well! In the room next to us we had a recent convert go crazy on us….she was freaking out and told Elder Dyer that he was a messenger of the Devil O.o now she wants her name of the records and things are going crazy O.o
We went and made lunch and I actually cooked! I made CTR sandwiches! They were supposed to be Chicken BLT’s but all we had was chicken, tomato, and ranch XD it was a fun time XD in English we taught a lesson on Halloween! they didn’t know what it was…which was super depressing…but I got to spend an hour just talking and explaining Halloween! It made me so happy!!! HALLOWEEN!
Crazy busy day…so Chaotic….We went and contacted for a little bit. Then we went back to the apartment and had to make a pie!! It was so weird to make a pie! But we made a cookies and Cream Oreo pie, and since they don’t have like anything here….we had to make it all from scratch! Fun times! then we had to (by Presidents request) walk back and forth two miles one way to a print shop 4 times! I was so exhausted…then we had to hurry into a car to go get our pies and head over to the church which is almost an hour away! But we got there and had a lesson with Andrej. Just the last minute stuff and he was ready! We then had a halloween party! The members wanted us to all feel a little more at home so they made this party. Which wasn’t really anything like halloween or a halloween party….but they were trying! It was a good fun night!
Homemade pie!
Homemade pie!
Andrejs baptism and halloween!!! We were here at the office at 6 in the morning in order to fill up the font and set up everything. After that it was almost time to start by 9! We got a few pictures with Andrej and got everything worked out with him! It was really cool! We started off in English because only english speakers were there and Andrej speaks english very well. But then more people came and we had to switch into Croatian. Elder Sheesley gave a talk and then I had to….I can’t talk for 5 minutes straight in Croatian!!! But I faked my way through it and I think that he understood everything I was trying to say XD Then we had the baptism! Elder Peterson was doing it and we were witnesses. He almost rammed his head into the side and we had to do it again O.o but all was well! It was great! Then we had the 30 yr commemoration for the dedication of Yugoslavia and it was cool to see it played from the place it actually happened! Then we did a service project and I tasted this thing called bitter Lemonade. Lemonade so bitter that it tastes carbonated XD it was so good!! But we put together service kits and it was great! We went to Karakas for lunch after! It is like an underground pirate themed mexican restaurant O.o super weird but really great! It was so delicious! I had a Chimichanga with Veal XD yum!!! It reminded me of the pirate dinner theater thingie at disneyland XD (or by disneyland i guess) But it was super good! just really expensive O.o like $9!!! 
A sunday comes again!!! We had church as normal. Danijel Ašler gave him the Holy Ghost and i got to stand in the Circle and it was so cool! I did have to play piano though…which I am not good at!! But I made my way through it and no one knew the difference XD Then we got put in the primary because there was a visiting family that only spoke english and the teacher can’t speak english O.o so we spent two hours translating for children XD We went to the Hallings for lunch! They are the Senior couple here in Zagreb! It was a good meal of ham and potatoes but they don’t know that I love sauces XD so it was a little dry XD But then we went and taught the Amelio family and they did well! They have been sick for a while but Hopefully we can get them ready for their baptism before the end of the Transfer!
Elder Bowles, Andrej, Elder Sheesly
Elder Bowles, Andrej, Elder Sheesly
We got to tour the Cemetery! They have a special holiday called All Saints Day. Where They put candles on the graves and there are thousands of them! It is soo cool and pretty! Luka and Jasna gave us a tour. It was so cool! I even got to see the grave of Krešimir Cošić! Really cool!
The cemetery at All Saints Day
The cemetery at All Saints Day
That is it for this week! It has been a fun time and work is moving along out here in the Adriatic North! I am loving it more and more every day! Hope I can talk soon though! 
Volim Vas!
Thank you for all your support! You mean the world to me!!
Elder Bowles 😀

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