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Bok Bok Everyone!!

I have to begin this E-mail with some bad news for you guys….there were some Elders in the mission that would get on and chat back and forth with family and friends for about 6 hours every P-day….and he didn’t stop….so now I can’t chat back and forth with you guys anymore 😥 This will be super hard for me because that really kept me going through the week, but I need to obey the mission president! I want all of you to type me up emails every week though, because I will personally go through and respond to each one every single week! I miss you guys a ton and you all mean the world to me!! So PLEASE write me an email to respond too every week!! I hope to hear from all of you because it is one of the happiest things I am able to do every week! I love Email day!!!
Overview of this last week:
We had our district meeting as normal. We talked about a talk from President Benson titled “beware of Pride” I encourage you all to read it! It is a super good talk! Read it!! Then we went to McDonalds for lunch, and I can tell you there are less options, but it is the exact same as it is back in the states, so it is good to occasionally have American food again XD we came back to the office and did some Comp study because we had to do extra to get caught up on all of the stuff that we hadn’t done yet…..but it gave us a chance to prepare for English as well! We taught English but not really anything exciting happened…just an average english class. We then had a lesson with an Investigator Dario, but I didn’t really understand a word that was said….thats about it!
I worked on my driving certification so if I ever have to drive I am able to. We then went contacting with no luck….sadness. We ended up at this Kebab place in Gornji Grad, and it was soooooo good!!! I don’t even know how to describe it but it was good!! Afterwords we went to the Cookie Factory, and I got a Coke float….weird but not too bad! Too bad Dr. Pepper isn’t really a thing here….bleh, coke. We had a lesson with Andrej, we taught the Plan of Salvation again but he pretty much just taught it to us, he knew it super well! Thats about it!
Came to the office and typed up some stuff for return and report. Then we headed out to lunch and we got Burek again, Burek s mesom is easily the best one that they have XD apple is good, but meat!!! We went and got Ice Cream with Kristijan and it was a nice time! He is an awesome member that is just fun to talk to and loves the missionaries! We ran to the post office and picked some packages for Sister Deschler. Then we taught english! We had no idea what to do, so we just taught them about America XD it was nice to talk about home and kind of describe Utah to everyone. We ate some fruit called Mušmula, which was some weird rare fruit with HUGE seeds in them. 
Friday the 13th🎃:
Return and Report day! We got up bright and early and had to go pick up some elders from the train station. They rode down from Ljubljana. We got in a taxi and rode up to the mission office. When we got there I got to see most of my MTC people including Elder Deleeuw this time! They all had interviews with president as we all just conversed. Then, we actually ate TACOS sister grant found the stuff and made them and it was super delicious! I miss my tacos!!! Then we had our meeting and learned about just the past while and how things are going. Then we all had to get up and share our experience over the past 6 weeks. Then the scary part, we each had to teach a 5 minute lesson, in Croatian, alone……. it was a pretty crazy experience. But I did well! We finished, I had my interview then a lesson with Andrej! good night!
Today was just not my day….We went out to the church to have our meeting with Luka. But then we decided to get a pizza from this place called Chellos. We bought a 70 kuna doomsday pizza….I felt so sick after that thing…..5 meats, 4 cheeses, 3 sauces, 2 peppers, 1 pizza…..Yah!! Then we headed back to the apartment just to find out we need to get back to the office….we came back did a bit of planning then had to hurry to the Amelios house. Once there we tried teaching a lesson but it just wasn’t working, they couldn’t focus….just bleeeh. 
We went to church. I had to play piano again and now they want me to play for christmas!!! I don’t even know if I will be here yet!! crazy….We came back to the apartment and had some leftover chili. We contacted for a while with no success really. We went back to the apartment and had a mix of Spaghetti, garlic broccoli, and Paličinke….yum! we finished our planning and just got to go to sleep! Good week!
I love all of you guys! You are all such an inspiration to me! But I really hope to hear from you all!!! If you send me an email now I will respond still! So ask away! Thank you for everything! 
Volim Vas!!!
Elder Bowles
Parker didn’t have a lot of pictures to send this week. They found a safety jacket and Parker thought he looked pretty attractive in it! My funny boy !

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