Another Crazy Week!

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Bok Bok Svima!

Another week has come and gone in Croatia! Time is super slow but super fast at the same time, It feels like I was just barely here doing this! But that was an entire week ago!! It has been quite a chaotic week, 2 Elders gone home, 3 or 4 mini transfers in the middle of the transfer. Craziness! District conference, lessons, RAIN, and so on!
After E-mails, we went down the street a ways and I got my first Croatian haircut! It went pretty well! The nice old guy did it and was just fun to talk to! Not that I understood much XD then we went over to foodness and I was able to buy myself some Dr. Pepper πŸ˜€ I looove that stuff so much! After P-day we had a lesson with Dario and he is just so set in his ways! It is really hard to teach when he is just mad that our little plan of salvation cut outs aren’t covered in flames XD ( He likes to talk about Hell XD)
Always busy and crazy! I made a gratitude Turkey! I will send a picture next week, its kind of creepy XD we had our district meeting and it was great! We had it on gratitude! We then had to hurry to Centar to have ice cream with Kristijan. It is awesome to talk with a member so much and just have that connection! Then we came back and just had to do tons of random tasks with people just showing up left and right! We taught English class and not much else happened….
The mission is going crazy! One Elder in the hospital with Leukemia, too sick to be able to fly back to america for treatment. tons of missionaries coming in from all over! Sister VanWagoner from Karlovac is now in Ljubljana! Borders between Slovenia and the rest of us are broken! We went and had McDonalds for lunch, it is still the exact same here…then we went Contacting for a bit. Came back and taught a lesson to Igor, a member that is kind of crazy XD that night we had a lesson with the Amelios and it went very well!
We went to plan English first thing incase something crazy happened. Then we went to Kojkan again and I had more Falafel, yum πŸ˜€ we then came back to the office to grab stuff for contacting and were stuck doing tasks for 4 hours…..We had english and i was just kind of out of it. We bought a bunch of Bitter Lemon and Orange drink πŸ˜€ and these things called Japanese Apples, good πŸ˜€
Just contacting on the street, allll day! We ate Kebab for lunch which I think is my favorite food out here….yummmm!!!! That is about it though!
Contacting all day again….except this time it was freezing and pouring rain. all day long. it kind of really sucked…but yeah!
District conference at church. Then we had food afterwords. But the Amelios came to church!!! Hallelujah! It was great! We talked with Kristijan for a while, we went contacting most of the day but didn’t find anyone…
Thats about it for my week! I hope you are all having a fantastic week! I love you all with all of my heart and you all mean the world to me! You are all super super special to me!!! Don’t ever forget that the worth of Souls is great in the sight of God!
You are loved and never alone! No matter how hard the trial! Trust me πŸ˜‰ but it is great being out here and hearing all the love and support I receive from you all! Thank you! I hope to hear from you all more!
Volim Vas!
Elder BowlesΒ 
Parker πŸ˜€

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