The Best Christmas Market!

Sretani Blagodani!

This week has been quite the adventure! But to start, If you guys haven’t hear, Zagreb is the Best Christmas Market for 2016! Whoo! I live in the best City! Yeah! But anyway, it has been crazy with transfers and everything going on, so let me give a brief overview of this exciting week.
Parker at the National Theater
My last day with Elder Sheesley. We went Caroling for our last night, and thanks to Jessie (:D) We listened to Interstellar the rest of the night and just talked about the transfer
Absolutely crazy day! We began by driving out to Ikea to meet some other missionaries. They didn’t end up showing up….So Elder Sheesley stayed back with Elder Deleeuw as Me, Elders Frandsen, Hillock, Porter, and Osborne rode back to the town. Once here we dropped off Elders Osborne and Porter and headed for the church! 45 minute trip! Once there we picked up Elder Rice and headed back into town again! I was then the only one of us that knew anything about getting around Zagreb… So I took them to lunch at Pingvin (penguin). A sandwich place that is super good! And we went out contacting for a couple hours! I was with Elder Hillock, so it was weird contacting with someone from my MTC group. But it went well. After a long day. We ended with Ćevapi and headed back out to the church. We dropped off Elder Rice and picked up Elder Winfield. Where me, Elders Frandsen, Hillock, and Winfield all stayed in our apartment for the night. 
Transfer day
We got up nice and early and hopped on trams to the Bus station! Once we finally got there we dropped Elders Winfield and Hillock off and finally I was just with my Companion. We went back to the apartment and did our transfer planning and goals. It was good! We then went to Centar and got some Ice Cream with Kristijan again. It is always a good time! We went and got Kebab for lunch. Elder Frandsens first Kebab! what?! We went to the MUP and then had some problems for the rest of the day….they just didn’t want us to stay! Grrrr. Then listened to more interstellar 😀
We had studies. Then our district meeting. Followed by a wondrous trip to our friendly neighborhood McDonalds. Yum! We went back to the apartment to do some studies still and I ended up dead asleep for an hour I was so exhausted….We went out singing again and it went pretty well! We got to talk to quite a few people it was nice!
We went to the MUP first thing in the morning. I am legal to live here now! Whoo!!! We went out to get lunch at good food. I got a Chicken Teriyaki burger. Then we went and got Karamel Waffles. And I tried a blue Fanta!!! It was like a flower flavor….so bizarre… Elder Frandsen ended up getting pretty sick and we just were in our apartment for hours. Finally we ended up going out to a lesson with the Amelios. But it was just pretty average for the most part.
We went to the Church early to clean with Igor. It was good and got done pretty fast. So we went to the local Konzum to get some food for lunch. I just had a Japanese apple (if these are in America you NEED to find them and taste it!) but then we set up Christmas decorations in the church. We had our weekly meeting with Luka and headed back here. We tried Caroling but it just wasn’t working out so we went and did our studies. 
Had Church and I had to bless the sacrament…always scary in Croatian…. But it went well! After Church we took a tram back to the apartment and had some Alfredo. My first try at cooking homemade Alfredo, so I think it went fairly well for the try! We went to the office and did our church numbers then contacted forever! We ended with singing and it just went well!
We got up nice and early as always and did our studies. We went out and got our shopping done and I think I am good on food for like 3 weeks now….yeah! We went and picked up some cards for the office then lunch at Rocket Burger! American food! We then had the experience of going to the Museum of Torture. Oh man it was creepy….. I loved it 😀 Really dark and disturbing, creepy ambient music playing, all these torture devices everywhere just to read about…It was great! 😀
This transfer looks exciting and I am looking forward to it! Elder Frandsen doesn’t talk nearly as much as Elder Sheesley. So it is weird to get used to the silence that comes over us a ton…But I must break the silence! I have talked to a ton more Croatians this week and am slightly understanding better (or I pretend I can). It is good and I am looking forward to it!
Bok Bok!
S Ljubavlju,
Elder Bowles 😀

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