Hustle and Bustle of Christmas!


IMG_1106 (1)
delivering Christmas gifts!

This week has been an absolutely insane week! I feel like I have done a ton, but not really anything at the same time! I feel like it has been a super super long P-day, and today just adds! It is crazy how fast time is going, It really doesn’t ever stop or slow down, just keeps plowing through! This transfer is already almost halfway over! What?? Craziness!!

I already described most of it…But at night we were given permission to stay with the Serbian Zone for dinner. I got to catch up with Elder Taylor again! First I haven really seen him since we were together in the MTC! It was good to catch up! We then just helped clean the office and went back to our apartment.
We began with Studies as always, then we headed to the office to plan our English class. We then went out to get Burek for lunch. They were out of Meat so I had to have apple…sadness. We then went to Mueller and Foodness to get some stuff to make desserts for Christmas. We then actually talked to some people! It was good! I still can’t understand anything though….We trammed out to the church and had a strange meeting to discuss christmas…just didn’t work out well. But I got some new music from some of my favorite people, so I was pretty happy to listen to that at night 😀
Zone Conference! (For me). We got up early and went to the office. We had to go buy some office supplies for the AP’s. Then on our way to get Kebab for lunch we ran into a bunch of missionaries! It was great! Half my MTC district was there! 😀 We came and played a zone Jeopardy game and I won! We then went caroling and explored the city a bit. I mainly just showed people around cuz I know this city fairly well already 😉 We went back to the office and had sloppy joes. We got to the mission home and wore REGULAR CLOTHES, I like those a lot. We had a talent show and I played ‘One Mans Dream’ surprised I still remembered it O.o
Thursday (Christmas Eve):
So today was crazy! I ended up waking up in the mission home at 6 and saw a bunch of Elders going to the Sauna. I decided to join them, I learned, that I hate Saunas. I can’t breath and it is hot and you are so sweaty, I don’t see why people enjoy that!! O.o We went upstairs and me and Elder Frandsen helped cook french toast for breakfast. We had some training on the Plan of Salvation, then we had wild rice soup…yummmm. Then we had to drive some elders to the bus station. So me and Elder Harris went out to drop some people off. We accidentally opened the trunk on the freeway O.o So I had to go back and fix it XD Afterwords we went back to our apartment to make Eclair cake. We got the pudding, then found out we needed more crackers. So we bought those. While making the Chocolate, Elder Frandsen accidentally told me to put in 3 cups of sweet cream instead of half a cup…..So we had to start over and buy more chocolate…only one place was open though O.o Eventually it all worked out and we were able to make the chocolate! 
We went to the office (in regular clothes) and went out with our district to deliver some anonymous gifts to some struggling members. Our whole district went and it was just fun to do that for a couple hours! We came back and tried going to like 20 restaurants….all closed. We ended up at Rocket Burger…I got a big burger and Hot wings. Yeah, Im fat 😀 We went and picked up Rachel (President Grants daughter) and all of us went to midnight mass at the giant cathedral! It was such a different experience. That was mainly just pretty long and just definitely an experience to remember. We ended up getting back to sleep about 3 AM O.o
eclair cake made the right way!
CHRISTMAS!! We slept in a bit and got up at 7:30 and headed very quickly to the church. We all had a district breakfast. It was pretty much Cold waffles and meaty hashbrowns… XD none of us are very great cooks XD Then we had to help host an Orthodox mass at our church. It was so bizarre O.o It was like a croatian opera O.o we ended up leaving a bit early and running to the Hallings house. Once we got there I called my family on the phone first thing. And SKYPE was up!!! I was so insanely excited 😀 I had a wonderful conversation with my family, it was probably the shortest hour of my entire life….But I hope you all saw the short video I made to you guys, if not just ask my family 😀 I loved it so much! 😀 We then went out to the Grants house and had a nice Ham dinner 😀 Elder Harris and I went out and played Tennis for a bit. Then we all went in (Dead tired) and watched meet the mormons. We all discussed our future after the mission a bit. Then went back home and slept… 😀
Cathedral after midnight mass
We got permission to sleep in until 9. So of course we did. We went out to the office then to McDonalds for lunch. We went back to the appartment and did our weekly planning. It was pretty fun! We then went out to our Luka meeting at the church. I understood and spoke Croatian! It was great!! 😀 We had a short district meeting, then came back to Centar for Chinese food. We had food then did some administrative stuff down in the office. And ended with Sleep:D
We went to church and it went well. We even had an investigator come through! it was great! I couldn’t really stay awake…so tired….We rode back with the AP’s and did some church numbers. We took a lunch break and then went out contacting a bit. It was good! We rode out and had a lesson out with the Amelios, it went super well and they even bought us pizza, Am I a sinner for eating it? 😉  
Thats about it for this week! It was a pretty amazing week! I want to say that I love you all and you all mean the world to me! Stay strong and always remember what you can do and how amazing you all are! Love you all!
Volim Vas!
S Ljubavlju,
Elder Bowles 😀

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