Bok Bok Svima! 

It has been a fun week of teaching, and exciting moments, and contacting and all the cool fun things! I will now disclose my fun experiences over this past week! Bear with me!
Had studies as always. Then went to the MUP, Elder Frandsen is now legal to live in Zagreb! Whoo! We did some computer work and then went to the Sri Lankan food place again. SO GOOD. It is a fantastic thing to eat Indian food (thank you Shayla for introducing me to it :D) We contacted for a while and planned for english! We taught english which went pretty well, nothing super noteworthy though….
Wednesday: We contacted to the office then had a lesson with Igor! We talked about free agency and what that means. It was good! He was all over the place though O.o Balkans just like to talk and talk and talk and talk……we went to pingvin for lunch and had some nice sandwiches 😀 always a successful meal! A little later we came back and gave one of the Sisters a blessing cuz they were sick, and I did it O.o scary times! But it went well and I really felt the spirit in there! We waited for an investigator to come to a lesson, he never did….that night all the Christmas decorations were taken down and I was sad…So I made myself microwave pizza bites for dinner.
We trammed out to pick up Sister Allreds shoes from a repair place and some crazy guy was talking to us on the tram. “He had crazy eyes” O.o we picked up the stuff and headed back to district meeting. I had the lesson so I put together a quiz and talking about our purpose. It was a good lesson I think! We went out to the hospital to visit a member but their room was quarantined…so we left O.o we came and taught english and it went pretty well! Made some garlic noodles for dinner 😀
Zone conference has fallen into the mission! We went straight out to the church and set up for the conference! I played piano for a bit 😀 I can kind of play Hymns now! It’s a start! Then I got to chat with some of my MTC pals! good time! We had conference and learned a ton about repentance. It was great! then we had some pizza for lunch and practiced teaching the Plan of Salvation for a while! After the conference we cleaned up. Talked with a member for a while and got ready for a lesson. It was with our Investigator Dario. He just really really wanted to know about Repentance. It was good and a nice intense deep doctrinal lesson!
We went to the church to help Igor clean! It went well, there was another member there named Dragan so it was good! Igor is just a happy little innocent old guy. He kept asking questions about things in the Girls bathroom that we refused to answer XD We came back and went to Nokturno and I got a pizza 😀 european pizza, I don’t like as much as american…… we went back to the church for our mission coordination meeting. It went well and Luka is just awesome to work with, I see him and only think of Inego Montoya. Great! We then had a lesson with President Sambunjak and his referral Luka. It went fantastic and we talked about the plan of salvation, and it was a really great lesson! He is so awesome! 
We went out to the church for our regular meetings. LUKA CAME!!! He stayed the whole three hours even! It was great! after church we got a ride home with the AP’s and mad some Ramen 😀 still the same here! (Actually a bit better, and cheaper). We went and did some numbers and such at the office, then went and gave our bills to the Landlady, and did weekly planning! For dinner I made some breakfast burritos, good times 😀 
It has been a good week full of miracles even if it doesn’t look like a ton. Every second I have to be out here seriously is a miracle. I am so grateful to be part of such an amazing mission and to be doing such amazing things out here. I know this is where I am supposed to be. I know that this church is true and that I can make it through any hardship by holding on to what I know is true. I am so grateful for this experience!
I love you all so much and you all mean the world to me! Stay strong, remember that any trial has an end, any difficulty will get better, and any hardship will pass. 
Love you all!
S Ljubavlju,
Elder Bowles 😀

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