Practicing Croatian with David Bowie


Parkers personal tribute to David Bowie
Biography of David Bowie

So this has been a pretty good week! We got a lot of lessons and contacting in! We had some interesting experiences and a even an exchange (short and sweet!) It was a successful week I would say! Time really is just speeding up the longer I am here. It is crazy!

We just contacted the rest of the night after Emails. nothing really new there…
We hunted for some desserts for our desert we needed to make the next day for our meeting. We were seriously avoiding solicitors, they are all over the square O.o I feel bad turning them all down! We eventually got some Burek for lunch, They finally had meat again! My first meat one this transfer! It was so good, and so bad for me XD We came and had a district meeting, which was well. We contacted a bit, but nothing really. We taught english, same old bakas XD nothing new there either! We then went and bought some stuff, I bought a David Bowie biography in Croatian XD It is good language practice!
We came to the office to help Elder Halling with something. We had to drive some snow tires out to the dealership to put them on the car. So that ate up our study time! We did our studies afterwords. Then we tried this new american restaurant called Submarine BBQ. It was good except their hot sauce wasn’t very good O.o We ended up going to the Hallings for a “Party”. It was the missionary broadcast, like missionary general conference! It was really cool and we got to listen to a ton of the apostles speak to us. It was really cool for them to directly talk to us! We even watched it live!
We went to get an address from the office and then got some McDonalds for lunch. We hopped on a tram and rode WAY out to Novi Zagreb to teach someone named Petar. He was this super nice old guy that gave us fruit juice and oranges and just loved us! It was great! We came back and got lost….lots of Tram jumping XD We got back and planned english and then taught a class. Not much to talk about. We went and had dinner. I made some breakfast burritos, luckily they have tortillas out here 😀 We then came back to the office to teach a lesson to Marko again. He is really super awesome. He said that he knows the Book of Mormon is true. He just needs some time right now. It was sad to let him go, but needed for now. Hopefully one day he will come back.
We went to Nokturno for lunch. Thats about that. We waited at the office for an investigator that never showed up….after a while of contacting we went back to the office to meet up for our exchange with the AP’s. We looked around for a while for some book binding place, but nothing…. Then we all split up and Elder Petersen and I went out to the apartment to make dinner. We made some Alfredo, it was quite good! We then had to hurry out to the Amelios for a lesson. It was a really good lesson and they are progressing so well! They want to get baptized in the spring. So we just need to keep them progressing. Then we talked about getting sealed as a family, Mateo was so excited to get sealed to his parents one day. It was great 😀 We came back and had some marble cake, then just talked until it was time to sleep!
We did some studies. I taught Elder Petersen how to make cinnamon toast! It would be awesome to serve with him one day! We then went out to the church to clean with Igor. We switched back companions there and separated. Me and Elder Frandsen went to get some Kebab and Cookie factory for lunch. Then to the office to do some planning. We went and did our weekly planning. Then contacting….nothing….
We went out to the church. Sister Allred was super sick, so They stayed home and I had to play piano….yeah it did not go very well XD Oh well! Luka came and brought some friends and it was really cool! Elder Frandsen met with him while I was out at the Amelios. He is still looking good for next Saturday! We talked with Kristijan after church and then headed back home. I made some Ramen for lunch. Then to the office to do some numbers. I watched some videos, there was one in particular that was the closest representation to this mission I have found. ( That pretty aptly describes what these missions are like….except ours is still smaller in numbers than that….
We contacted a bit then I made some tacos for dinner. Mainly just meat in a tortilla…but it was good anyway!
This week was really good and full of miracles. I can’t believe that things are just going so fast. In the moment sometimes they feel really slow, but in hindsight, I do not feel like I have been out here for 6 months already….
I know that things get tough. We don’t feel good enough. We don’t feel we live up. We get discouraged. But I know that we can make it through any challenges that we face. As my brother sad, “Bad times can’t last forever. No matter how bleak it may be, It will always get better.” I know that we will always have the strength we need. The Lord will never give us more than we can handle. Only enough to keep us growing and progressing. We just need to allow ourselves to be changed. I know that we can endure. Just keep holding on.
Love you all! Volim Vas! Vi To Možete!
S Ljubavlju,
Elder Bowles 😀

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