6 month milestone!!


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Hello there everyone! How are all my favorite people doing? I hope that it has been an amazing week! I am very excited to here from you all more! Here will be another overview like every week! 

We went contacting but didnt really find anyone. We went somewhere called Chipas for lunch, which was a nice chicken and fries place! Super good and they covered it with tons of sauce! Great time! We had our district meeting, the sister training leaders joined us from Banja Luka. So it was good to be with a big group again! After the meeting we had a lesson with Milomir. He pretty much just kept talking….for an hour and a half….
We taught english, but it was just Armin, so we just taught him a bunch of random words. We went back and made tacos!
We went and got some stuff from Baščaršija (Old town) and then went to the church to skype the zone leaders, to teach the plan of salvation. It was good!! We went finding with no luck…we then watched the Young Single Adult Devo in Bosnian with a member who wanted to see it. We made some Curry chicken then went to teach someone named Irvin. He is baš muslim. So we taught the word of wisdom and he accepted! 
We woke up to snow….I hate snow. We went to the BBI center to meet someone and buy some Qurans, yes, dont judge. Then went to find out transfers! Elder Sheesley will be in Sremska Mitrovica with Elder Taylor!!! I will be here in Sarajevo with Elder Swink! He was the Elder that took me contacting on my very first day in the field! We had some Intestinal Burek for lunch. Yes, made with Intestines. We had another lesson with Milomir, it went the same as the last…. We had english combined and just played games with them. Afterwords we just talked with some of the students and the sisters!
My 6 month mark! Absolutely crazy! We had our normal studies, then met Irvin in the park. We got permission and went with him to a Mosque meeting. It was sooo insane! Islam is very different than I had thought. But I now know what they do in there! (Secrets ;D) We had ćevap for lunch, so good!!! We then went and taught someone at a caffe named Hazim. He is super awesome! We taught the plan of salvation, and he absolutely loved it! 
We went and cleaned the church. then we had to leave, so we went to Hem, the bosnian kitchen. I got some good goulash. Elder Sheesley felt sick, so we went to the apartment and he slept a while. We went back to the church to plan, and ran into this guy outside. He wanted to know about the church! So we talked with him and gave him a tour! He loved it! The reast of the night we were in the apartment with Elder Sheesley sick….
We went to church, Elder Sheesley got a balloon scavenger hunt for his birthday from the Sisters. It was great! We had a meeting and then church! The guy from the day before came! His name is Miro. For priesthood meeting, he was the only person, so we just taught him! It was great! The rest of the day we were in the apartment with Elder Sheesley sick. We just bonded and talked a lot XD
That is it for this week! I get to drive all over Bosnia tomorrow so I will see a lot! It will be really exciting! I hope you are all staying safe and having an amazing time at home! I love you all! You mean the world to me! Stay strong out there!
Elder Bowles

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