I am still Parker


DSCN5772 (1)
Elder Bowles and Elder Swink overlooking the city

Hello everyone! First I will start with a short serbo-croatian lesson! So with verbs you have to conjugate them based on who you are talking about! The most common I see is Volim te 🙂 So the verb itself (To love) Is Voljeti. So to say ´I love you´ you would say ´volim te´. to say ´we love you´you would say ´volimo te´. yeah 🙂 now you can all speak balkaneze!

Anyway…this week!
Absolutely crazy day! We began by hurrying to the church so Elder Sheesley could email a bit. Then we went to get him deregistered. Fun….we ended up at the senior couples house and got the car, we drove back to the apartment. We went out to lunch and got some nice normal burek. Good as always. then to Bašćaršija, to buy some souvenirs. I bought a prayer rug 🙂 We went back to the apartment and burnt stuff for my month mark, then drove to the airport! We ended up getting a delayed flight and were there for hours….. finally I said goodbye to Elder Sheesley, picked up Elder Larson and I DROVE THE CAR BACK. We got back to town, got some Kebab, emailed a bit, shopped, then to the apartment for a nice night!
We got up and made some palaćinke for breakfast, yum 🙂 we then went and got everything in the car and headed off! (I was driving) we met Emir (The church lawyer) to grab some stuff, then we began the long journey! I drove us for 3 hours up to Tuzla. Beautiful Bosnian country! Once in Tuzla we dropped off Elder Larson, I picked up Elder Porter and we were off again! I was driving another 3 and a half hours to Banja Luka, it was so pretty! Eventually we made it there, and all went to get Burek for a late lunch. We said some goodbyes and I picked up Elder Swink 🙂 Then I drove for another 4 and a half hours back down to Sarajevo. Yes, I drove a car for 11 hours in one day, in europe. It was so great!
We drove the car out to the senior couple. Then trammed back to our apartment. We went to the bosnian kitchen for some lunch. We spent lunch at the church doing stuff. We went to buy some food for Elder Swink, then to the apartment to transfer plan! It was good! We went out contacting and found some cool people!
We planned for district meeting. Had district meeting. Then went out contacting, we found some cool people that were really interested! We went back and had some Korean Beef for dinner, I like cooking 🙂 then made mormon.orgprofiles in Bosnian! Fun!
We contacted like all day long O.o so much contacting. we found some cool people though! For dinner we came back and I made some homemade fried chicken. I figured out how 🙂 We contacted more then! Thats about it!
We went to the church to clean, it went about normal. Then we got a call from some people that we contacted. They wanted to meet up! It was great! So we went out to a place to meet them and they decided to go to a caffe for the lesson. Once there we were talking for about two hours. It is a couple, and she is………kind of crazy. (There are a lot of crazy people here) But he was super awesome! It was a good lesson!
We contacted the rest of the day! 
We went to set up the church and have some meetings, always good and simple. We then had our regular church meetings, nothing too big, just us and 2 members really. We went and did some numbers, had some egg sandwiches, then contacted a while! For dinner we listened to music and had sausage sandwiches (We were pretty much out of food…) and it was just a good night! 
We got up and did some studying, then decided to go out on an adventure! So I went and got a haircut, then we went through the pouring rain to a couple fortresses and overlooks, it was so cool! Pictures coming your way later 😀
It is so amazing out here! I cant believe how much I have come to learn! I am still Parker, but I am different, hard to explain. I just cant believe how much the mission has changed my life, and I know that it is the gospel that I am so into. I know it can change all of your lives to. Stay strong back at home! Good luck with everything! Volim Vas!
S Ljubavlju,
Elder Bowles 😀
I dont remember if I told you all, but I wanted to say that the investigator I had in Zagreb, Luka, Got baptized a week ago 🙂 I was sad I wasnt able to be there for the last lesson and baptism. But I am so glad I was able to be there for almost the whole process with such an amazing member. He is going to do great things in the Zagreb branch. But he was baptized and I am so happy for him 😀 That is just some happy news from a past investigator 😀

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