A scary companionship!

February 22, 2016

Well hello there all my cherished and loved family and friends! How art thou all? Is life treating you all well? It has been interesting out here as always! It is really cool being in a city with such crazy history! Always new things to see and learn! Now for the weekly rundown!



We studied and went to the church for district meeting. I watched the Restoration in Serbian cuz I want to learn these languages XD We then went and got some Burek for lunch which is always very good and nice 😀 We then had a pretty average district meeting as I taught about clitics 😀 We then had a lesson with Denis (Whom we contacted into the week before) and taught him the restoration, then he accepted a baptismal date for March 19! So we will see if it works out! We then taught english and had a TON of people there….it was crazy, we made some Korean beef for dinner 😀



We went to the church and planned english class for the transfer, then came to the apartment for lunch. We contacted and eventually went to the office for a lesson with Denis and Alda, we talked about prayer, then afterwords Denis stayed for the Self reliance class while Alda waited in the hall, we came back the the apartment and made cinnamon rolls! We went contacted and forgot about the rising dough…..we came back 3 hours later to a giant mound of dough all over our table O.o 

such a baker!



We did some studying up on other religions so we could talk to people about them, then met with Denis and taught the word of wisdom, which he openly accepted! We came back and made boiled eggs for lunch, we contacted, then made sweet and sour chicken for dinner! Yum 🙂 We had a really good english class and thats mainly it! 



We went contacting for a bit, then came back for ramen lunch 😀 After lunch we did weekly planning which was just great and long as always! We made some Palačinke for dinner then Elder Swink broke the phone XD So we had to meet up with the sisters to use theirs to fix ours XD fun times! We had a lesson with Alda and it went well! Just a regular Cafič lesson. We came back and talked about scary things and scary movies for hours, cuz we are both obsessed XD 



We cleaned up the apartment for a check, then had a lesson with Denis, we watched the Restoration and it went well! We came back and made some garlic noodles, then went out more! That is mainly it! We quoted spongebob for hours and it was GREAT.



We planned our lesson for church, went to church, had church, and yeah! Not much out the normal happened at church actually, but yeah! We came back and Elder Swink felt sick and slept a while. We went out with no main success, but we came back and had teriyaki beef with fries 😀 

DSCN0485 (2)
Tunel Spasa (Tunnel of Hope)


That is mainly it for this week! It was a fun time and I am excited for the great week that we are going to have! we are just going to convert all of the city! haha but yeah it is good! Shoutout to my brother who turned 15 this week! Whoo Baby! that is mainly it! thank you all for everything! I love you all so much and you all mean the world to me! I am so grateful for all that you all do! 

Volim Vas! 

S Ljubavlju,

Starješina Bowles 😀


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