Pi day



4 missionaries at once!

Hello there people of the world! How are my favorite people doing? It seems like I was just barely typing emails to all of you! This is so weird, time is a weird thing (I know I say that every single week….but its true!) It has been a fairly uneventful week here in Sarajevo, but that can mean a lot of things XD off to the description!

We went to plan district meeting, had some McDonalds for lunch. Then we came back and had a nice district meeting, a bit off topic…but still good! After the meeting Semir came and we taught him a self-reliance course….did not go super well….but then he wanted to be our friend on facebook, so I had to find mine….it was so weird to see that again…..Wat. We taught English and it was fun! I talked with some people on the phone, it was good!
I started a new journal! Whoo. We went out to meet Alda for a lesson and it went……okish kinda not really…..she is just kinda crazy and the lesson didnt really go anywhere…..on our way back we found the sisters on the other side of the river and called them to confuse them, good times! On our way home Elder Swink found an old investigator from his first week in the mission, I thought he was gonna cry O.o
We contacted…ništa. We came back and had lunch only to find a cat hanging outside our door. We named her Sigur. If we find another it will be Ros. We went and taught Zoran, it went very well and he just needs to be baptized already!!! We waited to teach Denis but he never came….We taught english and it was just really fun!
Parker and Sigur
We were in the apartment a while with Elder Swink all sick. so that happened. That is pretty much it…
We went to clean the church, came back and did our weekly planning, then went out to finish cleaning the church….that was about it…
We went to church, I gave a talk on the Plan of Salvation, I think it went alright, definitely not amazing, but good. We had sunday school, and I had to translate for Semir…..That was super difficult….but yeah….After church we did some numbers, got food, and contacted all day…whoo! It was pretty good, at night I made some palačinke 😀 Yums 😀
That is mainly it! Not a super exciting week! Today we went to one of the biggest graveyards in Europe 😀 I was quite happy, pictures to come later! We are really trying to be better, but man…it has poured rain ALL WEEK. Hopefully this next week will be better and we can really see the work progress! I love you all! You all mean the world to me! Stay strong! I hope to hear more from you all soon! Stvarno vas volim!
S ljubavlju,
Starješina Bowles 😀

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