More Sarajevo History


Hello there people of the world! How art thou all on this fine monday? Monday morning for most of you XD I hope that things are going absolutely amazing back at home and that everything is just great! I am so happy to hear from you all every week and it means so much that you all still talk to the weird kid out in Bosnia 😀 haha on to my description….whooosh….

We went to plan district meeting, I just played piano. I have now completely learned Exile Vilify and The Wedding March from the Haunted Mansion (Dont judge, we listen to the soundtracks from Disneyland rides in our apartment) We had a pretty average district meeting, nothing too crazy. We helped with some stuff, then went to out apartment for dinner. Just a simple dinner then back to the church for English. We taught about holidays and it was nice and fun.
We studied then went out for a while. We came back and made some homemade hot sauce (because they dont have hot sauce out here). Went out for a wile more, then came back and made wingers chicken for dinner, so yummy 😀 We went out and ran into one of our english students, we walked by the river and talked with her for a while and it was really cool! That is about it…
Proučavali smo kao uvijek….. then we went out to get some stuff for english. Came back home and I ate a salad with RANCH. It was so great. We contacted for a while and then went to the church so the sisters could get in (since there were only two guys there cleaning). We ended up talking to this old lady that stopped us at the door. She mainly just talked about Tito for a while, but it was good! We had a St Patricks day english class and it was nice and good, we ate green foods afterwords. 
We studied, then Elder Swink got really sick and slept while I analyzed music, wrote letters, and made some soup. After a while we were able to go out but not much success….We came back and I felt sick for a while and layed there a bit….bleh. 
I made some french toast for breakfast, then we went out contacting for a while. We did our weekly planning, but nothing too crazy. We eventually went out and cleaned the church, but that is about it!
We got up early and went to the church to help translate Sister Elmore’s talk. It was good and I translated a bit 😀 We had our regular meetings, and then were invited over to a members house for dinner, but wait, then ANOTHER DINNER. Yes, two invites to two dinners. Wow. My first time and two in one week! haha (Both american from the embassy, but still!) We went to have a meeting, then went out contacting without much success…..Things will get better! 
Today we went to a museum for the War. Many there are some disturbing things in there…this war was just a crazy thing. I have learned so much and seen so much…its terrible. But really cool to be able to learn all of this! I know that the gospel can really help the people out here. It is really cool to be out here and I have grown so much. (Maybe just mentally scared now, but still!) This gospel is here to help us be happy, to bring us the joy we are all meant to have. And If we embrace it then we will be able to have all the blessings that it can bring. As long as we keep trying and endure through all the trials that may be coming our way. 
I love you all! I know that you all love me too 😀 I can really feel it when I talk to you all. Stay strong! Keep being amazing, always try your best, and know that you are loved 😀
Volim Vas!
S Ljubavlju,
Starješina Bowles 😀

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