Back to Croatia: mission on the coast

Hello everyone of the world! It has been an interesting week full of unexpected adventures! Above all was the transfer announcement that was made on Thursday! So now we know what is happening and what these next 9 weeks can bring! I won’t say yet where I am going, but I will say that I am sadly leaving Sarajevo….I only got to spend 11 weeks here and I am really sad that I am leaving, I have grown a love for this city that I didn’t know you could for a city. But I know I am going where the Lord needs me to go and I am so excited to go!

This is a Sarajevo rose. This was recently repainted. They have these around the city, it is anywhere a bomb landed during the war, they fill them in wherever the cement was blown out.
We had a normal day with District meeting. It felt a little awkward…but I have no idea why. It was an interesting meeting for some reason. But it went well and we prepared for English! We had our last English “Class”. It went quite well and we had really good conversations with them! Then afterwords a Cop walked into the church….we talked for a minute then discovered that he was giving us a speeding ticket for two sisters in Banja Luka! It was a long process trying to describe who had the ticket and where it needed to go….and both sisters that got the ticket are home in America now…so theres that. Fun stuff!
A normal day of Contacting almost all day. Nothing super special. Except we received a call from President Grant. He talked with Elder Swink for a while then the phone came to me O.o He told me that I was sadly leaving Sarajevo, But he had no idea where I was going O.o Transfers were released the next morning and he had no clue where I was going….so that was a fun time.
We got up and went out to the church to see the transfer! We waited a minute and watched some videos, then the board was up! We searched frantically for my name but couldn’t see it….We found Elder Swink staying here with Elder Parkinson from my MTC group! They are going to do great things! Sister Johnston is staying here training! And Sister Elmore is going off to Banja Luka to be a Sister Training Leader! We kept searching and eventually found me! I will be………going to Zadar Croatia! I am going back to Croatia but this time, TO THE COAST. One of the major coastal cities in the country. I am going on vacation for the summer to Zadar! Yeah…be jealous. I will be there with Elder Winfield! He was also in my MTC group! He is australian haha. It will be a blast and I am so excited! 
That night we had an English party to end the transfer. We played games and had food and it was a grand ol’ time! 
I felt pretty sick most of the day….so we were just in the apartment. Eventually we did our final weekly planning, Even though I won’t even be here for the week….Then we went to clean the church. We got Woki on our way (A sandwich place). It as yummy. Then we cleaned and headed back for the night.
Saturday & Sunday:
I will combine these two days because they are quite similar. We went to the church and watched a session of conference then had lunch. On Saturday we had Pizza, on Sunday we had homemade curry 😀 Then we would watch another session. Me and Elder Swink watched the entire thing in Croatian…so sadly I didn’t get a ton out of it cuz me brain hurt after listening and attempting to comprehend for so long XD But it was good! I will have to watch them again in English. 
We said our final goodbyes to the Sisters. I won’t see those two for at least 2 months! Sad day! But it was good! 
It was a good week and I am so grateful for the opportunity that I had to be here in Sarajevo. This city will always hold a special place in my heart. I really love it more than I thought you could love a place…but it is amazing. I look forward to my time in Zadar! Conference was also amazing and I really loved Elder Hollands talk as always. If you have not watched it I would exhort you all to watch it and listen to what he says. Along with all of the talks! It was amazing and I am so grateful that we have the opportunity to hear from our leaders and from the Prophet today. Even though we are all over the world, we can all hear God’s message for us.
goat bridge in Sarajevo
Last Pday with Elder Swink
I love you all so much! Next you hear from me I will be in Zadar! I leave tomorrow afternoon! Volim Vas! Čujemo se kad budem U Zadru! 
Starješina Bowles 😀

Almost through another transfer


DSCN0742[1]Hello everyone! I can’t believe that it is the last week of the transfer! Time is going sooo fast. But that is good, I think I would go crazy if it was going slow XD It has been a good week! Sadly we have not been able to watch any of conference yet…but we will! It is kind of hard when you only have 2 members…but we are watching it next weekend! Also, on Thursday, we get transfer announcements! So by my next email, I will know what is going on for next transfer! Exciting! 

The Zone Leaders came down to Sarajevo and we went on exchange! I went out with Elder Porter and we contacted a while, then lunch and district meeting. It was nice. I went out with Elder Porter again for a while, then off with Elder Cox! We talked to some cool people and it was a nice exciting time! We taught english, and came and had Korean Beef for dinner. Yuminess 😀
Wednesday and Thursday:
So we didnt get to do much cuz for the first time…I WAS SICK. It was kind of terrible and I felt like crap for 2 days….It was not fun and I just kind of layed there listening to music. We got to go out and do a couple things when I was feeling alright…but that wasnt very often…so yeah….
We had our weekly planning session and then I finished up my sickness recovery. It was a nice time I guess. Haha
Elder Bowles is better! Except for a Canker sore on my throat…that sucks. But We just went contacting all day and It was good! Not really anything out of the ordinary.
We went and had church. It was fast meeting since we are having conference next sunday due to needing the translation and the time zone differences. So yeah. During the meeting I translated from English into Bosnian. Then from Bosnian into English. Then for sunday school AGAIN Bosnian into English….it was quite tiring on my mind, but I did it and I think people knew what I was trying to say XD We went contacting the rest of the day, and that is about it! 
This was a good week even though I was kind of down the whole week….But we are going to make the last week of the transfer the best one yet! I cant believe that I could be leaving Elder Swink so soon. It is weiiiirrd! But good and I know that things are going to be wonderful!
I know that the Lord is by our side even through all of our troubles. I know that if we watch and study conference that we can know what we need to do. And we can really feel Gods hands in our lives. I love you all and hope that things are going wonderfully! Congrats on being wonderful people 😀 
Volim Vas! 
Starješina Bowles 😀