As the sun sets on the sea

DSCN0879Hello everyone! I hope you are all having a wonderful time at home! I apologize for last week, we were traveling up to Zagreb and it was a crazy chaotic time! I will definitely make this email a bit easier to read! So I am here and all is well! I will now go over the past week in more detail than my last one was! 

We began at 3 in the morning. We got up and went to the bus station where we met the other Elders. We all got on a bus together and rode up to Zagreb in a 4 hour trip. But once we got to Zagreb, it was really weird…I felt like I was back home again and memories rushed back! I guided them around the city on the trams from the bus station, then we went to the office. We had about 15 minutes to email, so that is why it was sooo short. Then we got in the car with the AP’s and drove out to the church! Once there I was able to see people again! I caught up with Elder Frandsen and I even saw Igor again! He was happy to see me and It was nice to see him again! We had a good zone conference then once it had come to a close, we cleaned up and headed to foodness! I missed my Dr. Pepper 🙂 We got on a bus and headed home for 4 hours! That is about the entire day! 
We got up and studied, then went out shopping (since we didn’t the day before) we went to have district meeting and it was super long! We got some sandwiches from Papicas and then went on a split, me and Elder Matthews went out but sadly didn’t find anyone…thats mainly it!
We went around getting a ton of paperwork ready and finally made it to the Mup to turn it all in and now I just have to wait for my visa! We went and had our english class after some contacting and then branch council (I only go because Elder Winfield is the Clerk) and that was about the whole night!
We went contacting most of the day, had some Fajitas for lunch, always good! then came to the church to help the Devers with some stuff and have a lesson with Mladan. It was an alright lesson, but he just has to decide if he wants to keep trying…we don’t have much left to teach him!! We had english and then went on an Exchange! I went to spend the next day with Elder Matthews. We went contacting around in the POURING rain. It is either pouring rain or it is blistering hot, that is Zadar. We made pudding at night and played battleship 😉
We did our studies then went out contacting for a couple hours. We came back and made Pizza for lunch, then out contacting a couple more hours! We all met back up at my apartment and had dinner together, then I was back with Elder Winfield, and we went contacting for a couple more hours….so much contacting. I was super exhausted….
We did some work at the church as I played piano then we went out to have a lesson with Nicola, He is just an Eight year old getting baptised! And he asked me to baptise him O.o so that was really cool and I get to do the baptism 😀 We came back and watched the district for our dinner hour…I’ve stooped to that level of desperatness…..we cleaned the church with all of us and Božo. Twas fun! We went to Kaufland to buy some brown sugar…and I bought it and left it there….some drunk girls ran it over to us and I felt super stupid….yeah!
We had church but nothing too out of the ordinary, after church we had to help a member scan “some stuff” It was 48 scans….and we needed to format them and it took super long….we went and did our weekly planning, made more cinnamon rolls, then had a combined dinner with the other Elders! To je to!
We couldn’t have P-day cuz it was a holiday here and internet places and stores were closed….We planned and had our district meeting, I taught a language tip about the passive voice and it was fun! I am actually starting to enjoy this language stuff 🙂 We all went to McDonald’s for lunch and then contacted the rest of the night! Thats about it! 
I love you all and am so grateful for all that you have done for me! I love you all and can’t wait to hear from you all! I even get to Skype my family on Sunday!!! So it is going to be an amazing week filled with wonderful things! Just remember that you are never alone and things will ALWAYS get better, just hold on!
I love you! Volim Vas!
Starješina Bowles 😀

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