Music Fireside with David Archuleta!

Hello all you wonderful people of the world! It is so great to be able to talk to you all! I hope you are all doing wonderfully and are having a wonderful time at home! It is weird that I am emailing so late so you will probably all get this nice and in the afternoon instead of like 3 in the morning! But here is my email for the day and I am so excited to tell you all about my nice crazy week!

We didn’t do much other than a ton of contacting…so that was pretty much the first half of this week…sorry nothing too crazy!
We went around contacting and running errands for the morning, we met Elders Mangeris and Pantelakis at McDonalds and traded off, then I got to ride the bus for 4 hours with Elder Mangeris to the beautiful (tiny) city of Karlovac! We arrived and had to immediately hurry over to teach English. Once we got to the church we met the Sisters (Rusick and Bushong) and they had bought us pizza! I miss Sisters! We taught an english class (I mainly talked to the sisters while Elder Mangeris taught complicated English) we went back to the apartment and slept!
We got up to find that the gas tank tube thing had blown a hole in itself and there was natural gas EVERYWHERE. Not good. So we went and bought a new tube, then found a giant hole in the wall and had to fix it before the landlord came….so we went and bought plaster, and fixed up the wall, then waited for the landlord to come fix the tube! We went out to a lesson with a recent convert about temples, and it was fantastic! We ended up back just exhausted from running around all day!
We got up and went and finished something at the church, then got on another bus for 2 and a half hours! We met the others in a small city, and me and Elder Winfield drove back to Zadar. We got back and immediately went out to a lesson with Jadranka and Nicola, he is getting baptised next week! We went and got dinner, and cleaned the church then to bed!
We got up and went to church as normal. As soon as church ended we had to hurry home to make lunch, get in the car, and head out. We were driving to Zagreb for the fireside thing! It was a 3 hour drive straight to Zagreb! Once we pulled into the church we were greeted by SISTER ELMORE, it was so wonderful to talk to her again! Then we walked inside to meet ELDER SWINK, he was transferred up to Varaždin! So that was so sick! I talked with a bunch of Members, then we had a big fireside of David Archuleta talking to us, singing a bunch of songs and showing pictures. At the end he sang Prayer of the Children, and i was so happy! Then he called all the missionaries up and we all sang called to serve! After the concert we went to the mission home and spent the night talking with David and taking pictures and such! He spent the night at the mission home with us.
He took pictures and put us on Instagram and Facebook so look up David Archuleta on those and you can see me 😀
We got up and had breakfast with David and had a devotional with him and his pianist Kendra Lowe, it was super good. Elder Swink sang with him! He sang a ton, then we all sang Bring the world his truth with him. Then a lot of the Elders played Basketball, while me and Elder Swink talked with David. I played piano while they sung, it was sick! Then he left and I played soccer with Sister Elmore and Elder Porter. It was so great! Great day!
So I am famous on instagram now 😀 jkjk but it was a great day! I love you all so much and I am so grateful for all of you and you all mean the world to me! I wish you all the best and I love you so much 😀 Be happy! Thanks for everything 😀
S ljubavlju,
Starješina Bowles 😀

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