Cold water and white clothes


IMG_2265Dobar Dan Svima!

It is a wonderful, hot, exciting week down here on the sunny shore of Zadar! We had a pretty good week down here and it was just pretty great and exciting all around! It is so weird that May is nearing its end and that the transfer is almost over! I feel like I just got here! It is pretty weird, but I guess all things must come to an end! I will now give an overview of the week! I forgot my journal so I will try to do the best I can!
We did our studies in the morning, then headed out contacting for a little bit. Sadly no success, we had lunch at McDonalds then went out on splits for a couple hours. Me and Elder Bolan went around the city for 4 hours….Nothing….we all finally met back up at the church and we went back to have dinner. That is mainly it for this day…
We came and made agendas for district meeting, we just got snacks from the grocery store for lunch, then we had a nice meeting for a couple hours. We learned about Joseph Smith which is always a good lesson! We mixed our dinner and lunch hours and just relaxed, then we had English class, always good and well…kinda boring. They just don’t get it haha. They bought us ice cream though! Too bad I don’t like ice cream…..
We spent most of the day contacting. We taught an english class but it was nothing too special in general. We had dinner and that is about it XD
We did our weekly planning in the morning, and as always, we made cinnamon rolls. They didn’t work too well, and they were purple. Yeah…don’t ask….We went to the church and taught a lesson to Mladan, but nothing too crazy with it. Then the Devers came to the church and we all set up the baptismal font, which is actually just a pool XD Great time! 
We got some errands done in the morning, then went to McDonalds with Elders Mangeris and Bolan (They were on exchange) We brought Božo with us and then met Elders Matthews and Pantelakis there and all of us had a nice meal together. As we were leaving we found Elder Dever walking down the street smelling roses XD It was wonderful. haha. We went to the church then drove out to Jadrankas and Nicolas so that we could make sure everything was ready for the baptism. We found out that Nicola had fallen off of a terrace (About 1 and a half stories high) And he couldn’t move for 2 days……then miraculously he got up that morning just fine, a few bruises, but no broken bones, no cuts or scars, completely fine. And I know that God’s hand was in this when he was getting baptised the next day. Satan will always try to find ways to stop us from doing the right thing, we just need to endure it. 
That night we cleaned the church and it was nice and fun!
THE DAY ARRIVED. We got to the church really early with Božo and filled up the font, while practicing piano. People came and we had church. I HAD TO GIVE A TALK IN CHURCH. I don’t like doing that too much…I spoke on the talk by President Uchtdorf called “He will place you on his shoulders and carry you home” It is an amazing talk, you should all go read it! But it was really good. I had to translate for myself because we had some guests that only speak english, so that made my talk twice as long XD We then went through the rest of the church block. Afterwords I had to hurry and get changed into my white clothes as Nicola got in his little white jumpsuit! We went in and the meeting started right away, man I was nervous and like shaking the whole time….finally the time came and we went out to the font (It was in a different room). I got in first followed by him. And He wasn’t exactly sure what to do so he tried just going under water straight away, I had to stop him haha. We did the Baptism right the first time, and as he was exiting the font he just said “Wow” Really loud with a giant grin on his face 😀 It was so great! We went and changed clothes, then finished the meeting with giving him the Holy Ghost. It was so great and he was so happy! He said he felt cleaner and more perfect than ever before. He just kept saying he is like a newborn baby now. It was great! We had treats afterwords and it was just fantastic!
We went with Božo out to Dino’s house (An investigator) And we met his family and had some palačinke with them. Then we all drove back out to the Devers house and had tacos for dinner. It was SOO GOOD. I enjoyed them and we all just talked for a couple hours. Then back home for the night!
I saw so many miracles this week and I am so grateful that I was able to witness such a wonderful event and to feel the spirit so strongly this week. I know that even when Satan is trying to bring us down, we will always prevail if we hold onto what we believe in!
I love you all so much! Volim Vas! I want to thank you all for being such amazing examples to me and helping me through every aspect of my life! I love you all with all my heart! Have a wonderful week!
S ljubavlju,
Starješina Bowles 😀

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